Anthriscus cerefolium, Apiaceae Annual. Use: Fresh for flavouring soups, sauces, salads, yoghurt and egg dishes.

Period Sowing Months IE
In Spring or at the end of July (for industrial growing). All year round (for fresh market).
Length Plant IE
50 cm

TSW: 2-3 g

Seed amount: Direct 10-15 g/100 m², for market 20-30 g/100 m² depending on the spacing in the rows and the desired size at harvest, for pot growing 40-50 g/1,000 pots

Cultivation: Space rows for fresh market cutting 10-15 cm apart, for industrial growing space rows 20 cm apart or double rows 10 cm apart and 30-40 cm between the double rows

Very quick growing, therefore sow repeatedly every 2-3 weeks for market

Flowers quickly from Spring sowings, therefore for industrial use it is better to sow at the end of June which reduces the risk of flowering and makes a second cut possible

Chervil loses a lot of its aroma when dried, so for industrial use it is mostly frozen.