Anethum graveolens, Apiaceae. Annual. Use: Young leaves and leaf tips, half ripe flower heads and dried seeds, dried and fresh in soups, sauces, vegetables, salads and for pickling with gherkins.

Length Plant IE
100 cm
Cultivation Method IE
For dill seed space rows 30 cm apart
Cultivation Method IE
for dill leaf-tips 15-20 cm apart
Cultivation Method IE
for bundles 20-30 cm apart depending on the desired plant size at harvest

TSW: 4-6 g

Sowing: Direct seeding in April for the production of dill seed and dill leaves. For the production of dill leaf-tips sow up to June, all year round for market (bundles) and pot production under glass

Seed amount: Direct sowing for dill seed 100-120 g/100 m², for dill leaf-tips 400 g/100 m², for seedlings 3 g/1,000 plants, for pot growing 20 g/1,000 pots.