Origanum majorana, Lamiaceae. Annual. Use: Fresh and dried as spice for sausages, roasts, sauces, salads and vegetables

Period Sowing Months IE
Under glass from March, outdoors (tender) from mid May.
Length Plant IE
30 cm

TSW: 0.2-0.3 g

Seed amount: Direct 80-100 g/100 m², for seedlings 0.6 g/1,000 plants, for pots 4 g/1,000 pots

Cultivation: Space rows 25-30 cm apart, sow about 10 cm apart in shallow (0.5 cm)

Needs light to germinate

Harvesting: For fresh market harvest young leaves and shoots shortly before flowering. For industrial growing with machines harvest in July and August before full flowering
when two cuts are possible. To prevent soil getting into the harvested crop it should not be cut lower than 6-7 cm above the ground.