Rosmarinus officinalis. Hardy evergreen. Height . Mid to deep green leaves with white undersides impart an agreeable fragrance. Use: It goes well with just about any meat or fish, especially when roasted.

Length Plant IE
180 - 210 cm
Sowing period
From February (under glass) or April (outdoors in 30 cms rows)
Seeds Per 10 Gr IE

TSW: 0.7-1.3

Seed amount: Pot cultivation 30g/1000 pots

Outdoor 20g/100m²

Days to emergence: 10-40

Cultivation: Thin to 22-30 cm, transplant to permanent site in September with spacing of
150 x180 cm. It can be grown indoors but is not the easiest container plant because the roots are susceptible to root rot with too much watering and if under-watered it dries out quickly and dies. It prefers well drained soil and full sun and propagates easily by cuttings placed in water, moist sand or rooting mix.