Salvia officinalis. Hardy evergreen. Oval grey-green wrinkled leaves. Use: Sage can be used to flavour almost all kinds of meat and poultry. It is best known as an addition to poultry stuffings

Length Plant IE
60 cm
Sowing period
March (under glass) or April - May (outdoor)
Seeds Per 10 Gr IE

TSW: 5-7 g

Seed amount: Pots 100g/1000 pots

Direct seeding 120-150g/100M²

Germination:10-21 days. Requires light for germination

Cultivation: Prick out to beds 8 cm apart. Transfer to final site in September, 45 cm apart

It is commonly propagated by root division, but taking stem cuttings will also work

Sage prefers well-drained average soil and a sunny situation, although it does appreciate some afternoon shade in very hot areas