Dr. Liesbeth van der Heijden, manager of the Bejo Seed Technology Department, has been heading this project and is very enthusiastic: “The B-Mox formula is specifically developed for modern cultivation methods which emphasize a strong plant that is less sensitive to stress. We have developed unique B-Mox recipes now for carrot and rooted parsley and we are very positive about the potential in other crops”. 

During the past years Bejo has been testing the formula extensively, with a range of recipes in fields in countries with colder climate conditions. Here B-Mox is expected to have the highest impact, as it keeps seedlings strong during the colder early season. Results show that crops develop more smoothly and uniformly during their growing period, characteristically resulting in better flavour performance as well. In the coming years Bejo will continue developing and testing B-Mox also for warmer climate conditions.

Robert Schilder, sales manager Benelux and Scandinavia says: “I am very positive about the trials I have seen in our fields and also with customers. Crops grow beautifully and vigorously during the entire season resulting in a distinctively higher pack out compared to crops grown from unenhanced seed. A 15 per cent higher yield in crops such as carrot and rooted parsley has not been exceptional. But even more important, B-Mox helps growers reduce their business risks during the sensitive first weeks of cultivation, as well as during later periods of stress due to drought or low temperatures”. 

Crops from B-Mox enhanced seed are currently being grown in many commercial and trial fields in Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, Sweden, France, Norway, Finland and Belarus. You can follow the developments on Bejo Twitter, and invite you to share your B-Mox tweets as well @BejoZaden and #BMox.